Tiffany Anne for VIVRE Couture

About Tiffany Anne 

Tiffany Anne is a self-taught artist, living and working in Central Florida. Her art is expressive, detailed and full of color. An early obsession with Indian art and mandalas shines through in her pieces, as well as a fun, bohemian vibe. An emerging artist, her work is an ever evolving process of expression and discovery. Tiffany's work has recently been included in shows in the Central Florida area and she can often be found at local art festivals, usually with a brush in her hand.

"I have a bohemian soul, obsessed with color and detail, and it really comes out in my art. That's why I became an artist, so that I can share a bit of my soul with the world. I'm able to say things with paint and design that I can't express with words."