About Nyla Pipes

Nyla Pipes
VIVRE Couture is a bespoke full body experience, combining the organic creativity of the visual arts with the tactile world of fashion.
— Nyla Pipes

Nyla Pipes painted her first painting at age 9 and gifted it to her teacher. Growing up in very rural NE Washington state, arts and crafts were what people did to while away the long winters.

She was especially inspired by nature, and her early subject matter included a lot of flowers and landscapes. Through her teen years she continued to embrace her talents. Nyla majored in Electronic Media, Theatre, and Film at Eastern Washington University, but took a number of drawing and painting classes. Nyla then went on to work in radio and television news in Spokane, WA. During this time, Nyla painted as a hobby, often gifting her work to others.

In 2010, Nyla moved to the state of Florida and dedicated her life to improving Florida’s waters, including the Florida Everglades and our oceans. As the Executive Director of One Florida Foundation, a completely volunteer nonprofit, she spends much of her time in Tallahassee and Washington D.C. advocating for solutions to our water issues.

Nyla will continue capturing Florida, the lush plants, and native animals, as she sees them in order to inspire others to protect the environment. Her work tends to be colorful and whimsical, with a surprising amount of detail.