Welcome to the VIVRE Couture Family! You are the core of why this company was founded. Living artists are why we do what we do. We want to provide the largest platform of wearable art in the world. Thank you for choosing to paint for us. We cannot wait to see what you create on our pieces!


  • Step 1: Fill out Artist Application online at HERE

  • Step 2: Submit Artist Photo and Short Bio (refer to other artists on the website for inspiration)

  • Step 3: Submit PayPal email address for payments.

  • Step 4: Start Painting!

  • Step 5: Sign the Authenticity cards for your collection.

  • Step 6: Ship the products back to VIVRE Couture
    2305 NW Federal Hwy. Stuart, FL 34994.

  • Step 7: Check your Google Sheets doc and fill out all yellow colored blocks - AKA - Titles of each of your works.

Guidelines for painting the products:

Do’s and Don'ts for painting of Bow Ties:

  • Paint the entire bow tie! Remove any clips and paint the loose ends, backs, folds, interiors that show, etc.

  • Feel free to dip, drip, or coat the entire thing!

Do’s and Don'ts for painting Purses:

  • Do not paint the lining of the purse by any means. Use a protective layer (Painters tape) to protect it IF you are a messy painter.

  • Cover the metal pieces (snaps and corner pieces) so you don’t damage the surface.

  • Make sure you leave enough cure/dry time before closing the purse flap - as it might stick to itself if it’s not fully dry.

  • If you paint with thick paint or plaster based paint be sure to avoid fold areas like the flap of the purse. Add color, but with less medium so it opens and closes smoothly.

  • Corner and edges - be sure to cover the threads and all folds of the bag.

Do’s and Don’ts for painting Belts:

  • Do not paint the fabric or label on the backside of the canvas.

  • Avoid pour painting or fully dipping the belt.

  • Use painters tape to protect the fabric if you are a messy painter.

Do’s and Don’ts for painting Luggage tags:

  • Remove the black or brown strap (we don’t want to get paint on this).

  • Fully paint the backside of the tag.

  • If you choose to paint the front, fully paint the front.

  • If you choose to leave the front cork, leave it fully cork.

  • Very detailed work or very textured work is accepted for these tags.

  • Do not wrap with plastic/selephan wrap until FULLY dry. The cork will leak through the paint and damage your painting.

  • Gesso the background first, or use dark colors or THICK paint when painting the cork.

Do’s and Don’ts for painting Neckties:

  • Do not paint the white fabric lining on the back bottom side of the tie.

  • Paint the entire front and back of canvas.  

  • Paint the loose ends, backs, folds, top of flap, parts that are visible, etc.

Do’s and Don’ts for painting Shoes:

  • Must paint on absorbent fabric. No real leather, patent leather, or plastic shoe fabrics.

  • Fabrics can include suede, cotton, corduroy, or other soft textured fabrics.

  • Do not paint sole of shoes.

  • Remove any laces or extra features and place back when finished painting.

  • Contact us for any specific questions.

Do’s and Don’ts for painting Dresses:

  • Do not paint lining of dress.

  • Paint to the edge of the canvas on all areas, just be careful of zipper and over painting into the dress on lining.

  • Keep in mind shapes and colors on a human body. Will this be flattering?

  • Placement of certain subjects on special area of a body… keep that in mind!


Tips & Recommendations

  • Do not use craft paint! IE. Apple Barrel, Folk Art, Craft Acrylic

  • Use Golden, Liquitex, or Lukas acrylic paint with a gel medium for texture (Lukas is highly pigmented, but thin in quality so the medium adds fullness).

  • If you use oil paint, allow plenty of dry time. Shipping uncured products can be messy and can damage your artwork.

  • Use stuffing inside the purse to elevate the body and expand the fold to allow for safely drying.

  • When painting any products, be careful where you place your fingers and to account for fingerprints in your paint.

  • We will try to send linen dust bags for shipping and transportation, BUT if you do not have a bag, use clear saran wrap once fully dried to ship.

  • Do not use saran wrap on wet products.