Do you love the concept of our wearable artwork?! Does VIVRE Couture resonate with you for one reason or another?

---> Join us, become a VIVRE STYLE INFLUENCER! be in our photo shoots, be apart of our events and fashion shows, get hired by partner vendors, meet our artists, become part of our community and get discounts on all of our products and services!

Selected Ambassadors will receive a free gift to start their ambassadorship. They will receive a special code for 50% OFF accessories and 60% off custom clothing. (dresses, suits, skirts, jackets, etc.)

be sure to answer every question before hitting apply at the bottom.

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Shipping Address
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Please list their name and Instagram account (We love to see their work and get a feel of their style)
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We want to hear from you! Even if you have an opinion we might not like, we still want to hear it all! We always assume when you share with us you’re passionate about the brand! And we love you for that!
Are you willing and able to post at least 4 times per month for your products/services discount? *
This can be once a week or a few at one time. Whatever you think is best for you and your followers.
Content creation is key, especially in a smaller, newer company like us. Are you willing to create at least 3 (of the 4 posts) on your own? *
This means working with a photographer or shooting and editing yourself. The other post can be shared from our page if it’s relevant to you and your area.
Are you willing to attend or participate in a few events per year? *
Are you willing to participate in local charity events? *
This could mean walking in a fashion show, welcoming guests to the event, or wearing something for an auction.
We love feedback, but you can always tell us later, too!
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