The Mary Kate

The Mary Kate


Monsteras, palms, banana leaves, and ferns all the lush foliage of tropical paradise through each piece of the Botanic Collection. Leaves depict hope, renewal, and revival. The artist chose to use the natural darker green colors with layers of turquoise and light greens throughout each hand-painted masterpiece. Both realistic and graphically styled these bold paintings are a collectors dream for both wall and wardrobe. 


This V neck cocktail dress with a slight high low design makes for a beautiful bridesmaids dress or party dress. The bottom half of this dress is 100% artists canvas and fully painted.  The top is made with gray high quality fabric with high stretch retention fabric to allow for a perfect fit. The fabric creates the soft lining beneath the canvas. Fully customizable to fit your style. Change out an element of design or the area painted to create your perfect dress.

(Pricing will vary depending on design and painting changes) 


To maintain integrity of surface design, proper care for VIVRE includes displaying or storing in temperatures between 50-90 degrees fahrenheit, and avoiding contact with direct, sunlight, heat, or moisture. Due to the use of acrylic paints items must always be partitioned to avoid bonding between painted surfaces.


Acrylic, Amanda Wilson, 2018

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