Save the Turtles

Save the Turtles

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Bright acrylic paint with details create these beautiful swimming turtles. This is the perfect statement dress for those looking for something unique. Each turtle has it’s own personality - name each one!

Acrylic on Canvas, Nyla Pipes, 2018

To maintain integrity of surface design, proper care for VIVRE includes displaying or storing in temperatures between 50-90 degrees fahrenheit, and avoiding contact with direct, sunlight, heat, or moisture. Due to the use of acrylic paints items must always be partitioned to avoid bonding between painted surfaces.

Each VIVRE original includes certificate of authenticity and serial number with purchase.

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Colors may vary depending on lighting, screen settings, and brightness of different devices. Should you have a need or inquiry regarding a specific hue, please contact us directly. 

Each item is one of a kind. The garment pictured is the exact item you will receive upon purchase. Though some “themes” may be replicated in other garments, each item is an original painting.