Philodendron Flirt

Philodendron Flirt


Our Palm Beach Collection is just in time for “Season” in South Florida. The beautiful hand painted ocean living inspired colors cast an idyllic picture of paradise. A playful strapless sweetheart top and full pouf skirt with pleating details, hidden pockets, and built in tulle underskirt, lined with a blue topaz linen blend.


A rush of tropical plant life, the Palm Beach jungle has heat like no other. From the broad lush leaves of the Philodendron, the distinct lines of the Bird of Paradise, to the crowning vines of the bougainvillea in bloom this garden is the next Eden.


To maintain integrity of surface design, proper care for VIVRE includes displaying or storing in temperatures between 50-90 degrees fahrenheit, and avoiding contact with direct, sunlight, heat, or moisture. Due to the use of acrylic paints items must always be partitioned to avoid bonding between painted surfaces.


Acrylic, Sarah LaPierre, 2016

Includes certificate of authenticity with serial number.


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