#VIVREVanmuysen Wedding of a Lifetime

Our huge family oriented bridal party was so much fun to have by our sides for the whole day!

December 30, 2017 came and went like the blink of an eye, but the memories we made, and the love we shared with our friends and family will be with us the rest of our lives. Our wedding was really one in a million and we are beyond excited to share our photos, experience, and details about the planning, production, and creation of this incredible day. Including all 12 hand made and hand painted VIVRE Couture bridesmaids dresses, the mens bow ties, and the insanely beautiful wedding gown carefully hand painted by our own Artist, Amanda Wilson.

At the end of this, the best part of it is Roel. Getting to spend my life with him is by far the most exciting part of the whole wedding planning process!
— Kristen Alyce, Bride & Designer


Our invitations were all self designed, printed, and painted. I love graphics and branding so I knew I wanted a cohesive look throughout everything wedding related. I also hand painted on all 300 invitations that were mailed out with heavy body acrylic paint (I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friend, Heather DeSanti). They were unique and customized just like the rest of the wedding.

TIP: Delegate the things you can, but use your own talents to help you save money and get exactly what you want.


Photography - Cassi Claire Photography

The photographer was my long term high school friend from New Jersey. Cassi Claire photography has become something brides swoon over - I have been watching her for years and knew one day she would be the one to be there on my Wedding Day. That bright and airy glow she captures will forever tell our story - the day we got married in a mansion by the water surrounded by friends and family.

TIP: Always work with a photographer you are comfortable with and enjoy being around. They spend more time with you that day than your new spouse! 


Rehearsal dinner - Club Med Sandpiper Bay

Our Rehearsal Dinner hosted by Roel’s mother from Belgium was held at Club Med in Sandpiper Bay, FL (a truly underrated event venue here in South FL- it’s spectacular) just around the corner from our home. We had about 50 people alone come to that dinner and his mother was a gracious and wonderful host.

TIP: Allow your future Mother-in-Law to really have a hand in this event, especially if she’s not involved with the wedding planning. This gives her something to host for all the friends and family in the wedding. Let her shine.


Flowers - Whole Foods

Our florals were actually minimal. I went to Whole Foods the day before the wedding and picked up $75 worth of white mums. However, we did invest most of our time and money into the leaves that filled our venue in vases and planters (hand made by the Groom, my father, and friend, Gunther Jacobson). Both painted AND real leaves, which we still have planted in our yard (from Tropic Stop in Palm City, FL) covered the mansion. Amanda Wilson put together the most beautiful bridal bouquet ever. We wanted our wedding to represent our South Florida atmosphere and have a more permanant use once the wedding was over.

TIP: Save money and flowers, use your own leaves and garden from your home. They grow back! We saved a ton of money and had a blast letting the bridesmaids put their own bouquets together.


Groom & Groomsmen Attire - VERSATTIRE

Our groomsmen wore incredible shirts by VERSATTIRE. The shirts are basically made for athletic men, men who enjoy comfort, and men who tend to get a little hot during south florida weddings! Our guys thoroughly enjoyed the lightweight and breathable fabric VERSATTIRE uses to create these amazing shirts. Our groomsmen were from all over the world (literally) Belgium, Norway, California, New York,... and they all went home raving about their new shirts.

TIP: When you can find a local designer for anything in your wedding - use them! They work so hard, and the best way to be successful is working together with your local community. Give them that chance whenever you can!


Bride & Bridesmaids Attire - VIVRE Couture

Of course my 12 bridesmaids, all of our groomsmen, AND myself were wearing VIVRE Couture pieces. My bridesmaids each had their own dress style and unique leaf painting by North Carolina based artist, Amanda Wilson. I wanted them to look and feel their best so I made sure each dress was customized to their very different personalities and body types. The guys each received a hand painted bow tie to wear and to keep. My gown had a removable train that was made from canvas and masterfully painted by Amanda. Her work was absolutely amazing to watch and as each piece progressed we just couldn’t help the excitement of seeing everything together on the big day!

TIP: Try to steer clear of really bridesmaidsy-looking dresses. They are really expensive for what you get and I promise you - they. will. never. wear. them. again. Try finding a local designer (like me…) OR get creative and shop at Charming Charlies or Francesca's.


Rentals - Eventmakers

Our entire theme was clean and modern with a hint of fairytale. The team at Eventmakers really went above and beyond to help bring our vision to life. They provided a gorgeous CLEAR TOP tent that made the night underneath the stars even more unbelievable. It was lined with twinkling lights that lit up the ceiling. They also provided all of the necessities: linens, chairs, plates, silverware, glasses, napkins, etc. etc. etc. They can literally provide you with anything you need. What a great company to work with.

TIP: Use ONE company when doing rentals. It makes setup and teardown WAY easier on the venue, crew, and wedding planner. It really keeps things easier to coordinate from start to finish.

Centerpieces & Leafy Decor by nyla pipes.



Wedding Planner - FResch Perspective

I asked Katrina Resch to help me and my Maid of Honor with our day of coordination and boy are we glad we did! We, of course, had some issues throughout the day that she handled like a champion. We definitely had a much smoother day with her by our side.

Tip: If you can’t afford a full time wedding planner (or just don’t need one), I highly recommend a “Day Of Coordinator.” They are worth the extra budget money and keep everything smooth on your big day.


Open Bar - Code Rum | Honey Bubbles | Twisted Trunk

We didn’t have a normal all inclusive venue. We literally brought every single piece to The Mansion. Including the food and beverage. SO I was able to enjoy some of my own personal friends liquor and wine companies. The major two were Code Rum (locally here to Palm Beach County) and Honey Bubbles Wine from California (a friend of mine from college at Palm Beach Atlantic University). For beer we absolutely loved using local brewery Twisted Trunk Brewing.

Tip: Look for local companies to support. Not only do you get to use something close to home for guests to experience, they sometimes have extra things you can borrow that you might not have to rent. It’s always worth looking into it!


Bartenders - Makos Cheerleaders

Our local girls are both beautiful and social so we had 4 of their girls bartend at the wedding! Such a fun and local idea.

Tip: Hire locals. Whether they’re training for a big career, in high school, or just need a part time job - this is great for the community!


Food - Bolay

Our food was unconventional and absolutely delicious. We wanted to show our out of town guests just how incredible South Florida is. So we used the locally founded, healthy, and gourmet food from Bolay. It was a massive hit. It wasn’t buffet and it wasn’t sit down. It was customized stations inside the mansion with the Bolay team serving you and there was enough to keep going back for more - and ohhh they did.

Tip: If you (as a couple) love a restaurant or have a favorite place to go - ask if they cater and if they’ve ever done a wedding before.  You don’t have to use typical catering services for your day. Make it customized to you and your life together.


Side Appetizers - Cheese & Crackers

The International cheese platter was put together by my Aunt Lynn. Keep in mind everyone you invited to your wedding loves you and wants to lend a hand on this important day - and bonus, they all have special secret talents you may never have known before. Let them shine! My aunt absolutely went above and beyond for the cheese board appetizers for our guests.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to let a few family members really help you out.


Late Night Menu - Carrabba’s Italian Grill - Vero Beach

Our late night menu was from our good friends restaurant - Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Vero Beach. The pizza was amazing and definitely gave the guests a second wind for dancing!

Tip: If you want a late night party - you’ll definitely want a snack to keep them going!


Live Music - Summer Gill

Live music is a hit. Summer was definitely the highlight of our cocktail hour. Her voice paired with the custom cocktails, gourmet bites, and a historic mansion was a Gatsby dream come true.

Tip: If you can find someone local, talented, and affordable then 100% Hire them!


DJ & Lighting - New York Sounds

New York Sounds Entertainment did our specialty lighting, played our master music request list, brought a TV monitor to display photos in front of our vertical garden AND personally made our wedding something to talk about. Jason Salerno helped make my friends and family feel like each one was the life of the party. He had a special way of bringing everyone together for those special moments that guests didn’t want to miss.

TIP: Find a DJ you feel comfortable with and someone who understands the type of party you want to have. From mellow laid back, beach vibe to full on Tomorrowland - they have to know what you’ve been dreaming of.


Accessories - Provident Jewelry

Provident Jewelry lent me the most incredible earrings. They were 10 carats of pure diamond beauty and definitely added the sparkle I needed with my dress. Price upon request.

TIP: If you are lucky enough to know a jeweler or someone with a jewelry store, ask to borrow something! You need the something borrowed anyway, so why not make it that much more gorgeous!?


Beauty - Laser & Beauty Institute, LUXE Mobile Airbrush Tanning, & Beauty Boutique & Med Spa

The amount of talented women we have here in Palm Beach County is absolutely astonishing. I was pampered for MONTHS before my wedding day and I couldn’t imagine it with any other team. The girls at Laser & Beauty did incredible treatments on my skin - making it look radiant underneath the makeup on my wedding day (and amazing when the makeup came off!) I got to experience facial treatments by the institutes students (which were incredible), photo-facials and laser treatments by Stephanie McAllister and makeup by the team at Beauty Boutique. My 12 bridesmaids (+ my mom, aunts, and sister-in-law) all looked stunning having had professional hair and makeup done the morning of the wedding. Some of my girls flew to town with just enough time to get an insanely perfect amount of sun kissed “glow” from Jennifer Lampton with LUXE Mobile Airbrush Tanning in Wellington. What a fun addition to a bridal party look for those northern white people in the heart of winter!

TIP: If you can afford to - treat your bridesmaids to as much as you can. Spray tans, hair and makeup was so much fun for all of us and truly makes a huge difference in the look of your photos. (Also, some of your girls might not be that great at doing their own, so keep that in mind!)

Entrance/Getaway Car - Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Palm Beach

My fashion line, VIVRE Couture works with Rolls-Royce in many of our events and photo shoots. It seemed only fitting to have the most incredible car drive me down to marry the most incredible man. The car was also a really fun photo op for guests as they made their way inside the mansion after Cocktail Hour.

TIP: Get creative for your getaway car. Ask friends or family to use something unique if it’s available to you. You can also rent almost any type of car on the app, Turo.


Favors & Mixers - Tracy Stern Tea Co. & Natalie's Juice

One of our signature cocktails was mixed with brewed tea from Tracy Stern Tea Co. It was delicious so we decided to let our guests take it home with them to brew as regular tea or as a cocktail mixer as well! Just a little taste from our wedding day to remember. We also used locally fresh orange juice by Natalie's. Our out-of-towners absolutely loved trying the fresh Florida juice.

TIP: Try to give a gift that’s edible (or drinkable) because no matter how cute us brides think it is, it won’t end up front and center in anyone else's home - I promise - so don’t waste the time or money.


wedding video

Sean Conlon and Alex Bartole are brilliant videographers and producers. Sean is based in New York City and focuses on documentaries and artistic filming. Alex is based in Miami and travels all over Florida filming the most fabulous weddings.

TIP: 100% yes on a videographer - make the budget available and cut corners on other things if you must. You’ll want to have this day filmed for the rest of your life.

#1 Tip: Honeymoon. Definitely do a full blown normal honeymoon. We had 2 different “moon” events. 1st was a “Minimoon” to Colorado, but it was busy and quick. We didn’t have many days to lounge and be together, it was more about seeing the beauty that IS Colorado and even though we saw everything and had a blast together for 5 days, it just wasn’t long enough after spending so much effort and time on a wedding - and hosting family for a month. 2nd was a “Familymoon” to the Caribbean! This was more like it, but we went with family. So it was still different.

Kristen Alyce