Blushing Blossoms

Blushing Blossoms


VIVRE Couture canvas accessories have been created for the bold style of man who loves to use unique details to stand out. This bow tie is made from 100% canvas and carefully hand painted and has a pre-tied bow. The signature linen blend adjustable neck strap with hook guarantees a perfect fit. 

The way the artist uses this thick, impasto acrylic paint creates a tremendous amount of texture and depth to her paintings. Each one is unique to her palette knife touch.

To maintain integrity of surface design, proper care for VIVRE includes displaying or storing in temperatures between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit, and avoiding contact with direct, sunlight, heat, or moisture. Due to the use of acrylic paints items must always be partitioned to avoid bonding between painted surfaces.

Acrylic, Dusti Joyner, 2018. 

Each VIVRE original includes certificate of authenticity and serial number

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